1.Start an order

Visit our Start your order page and fill out the form. When submitted, you’ll receive a email quote within 24 hours.

2. Ship us your products

Pack up your products and ship them to our studio. It’s a good idea to try and select the best products if you can, trying to avoid dings, dents, and scratches. Of course, pack each item securely so they don’t get damaged in transit. 

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3. We photograph your products

When your products arrive in our studio we’ll contact you to let you know. Now that we have your products on-hand, we will go over the details of your order and discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have before we start. Once payment is processed the fun begins and we’ll start shooting your photos!

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4. Instant online delivery

Once your photos are ready and meet our standards for delivery we will send them via digital transfer for immediate download. If you’d like to make any changes or additions (additional charge may apply) let us know and we’ll make them before your products are collected.

When the project is complete, we’ll carefully pack up and will be available for collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Pricing

Do you charge per-photo or per-productWe charge per-photo. This means if you have two products and you want 3 photos each you will be charged for a total of 6 photos.

How much will it cost? The biggest factor in the overall cost of a project is the number of photos being ordered. Because it’s much more efficient to shoot one large project versus several smaller ones, our pricing model includes significant discounts as the size of your order increases. 

How do I payBefore starting your project we will send you a quote which you can use for payment.


2. Collection/Delivery

Do you collect and deliver products?  Local JHB delivery and collection can be arranged at a cost, however most clients send by courier and arrange collection.


3. Process

Do I need to be located near JHB to be a client? You don’t need to be in JHB, to work with us! In fact, over 75% of our clients are located outside Gauteng. 

*But if you are local, come on by and meet with us in person!

How long do photography projects take? Most projects are delivered in about 1 week, excluding holidays, from when we receive your products and payment. If your project involves a large number of photos this may add to the production time.

If a quicker turnaround is needed, rush service may also be available.

During particularly busy periods lead times may increase slightly so please feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to confirm expected production times.

What if I would like an image to be re-shot? If we’ve made a mistake we will gladly re-shoot or edit the photos to make them right, no charge. Re-shoots for artistic or editorial reasons, or resulting from client error or omission will be quoted at the time of the change request.

4. Delivery

In what format are my photos delivered? High resolution and Low REs JPGs are supplied.

Any specific size and format requirements can by supplied

How do you deliver my finished photos? All images are supplied by digital transfer for immediate download..


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